The Markets

Bordeaux is not shy when it comes to markets. Whether it's the food hubs at Marché des Capucins and Marché des Quais or the clothes and accessories hotspot at Marché Royal in Saint Michel or the evening drinks and street food joint at Les Halles de Bacalan. Bordeaux has everything on offer. 

Marché des Capucins

Marché des Capucins is Bordeaux's largest daily market. If you're a foodie then it's a must-see. Be prepared to spend the whole morning discovering the rows upon rows of stalls and the large assortment of food on sale. 


'Marché des Capucins was abuzz with early morning buyers as I walked down row upon row of trestle tables. The night before I had looked into the refrigerator in my new quarters to find nothing worth eating. It was past time to visit the markets of Bordeaux. The market was bustling with people, hustling low prices with farmers, growers and fishermen. Tables were covered with every vegetable, fruit and herb imaginable. At Pom d’Api there were mounds of onions, garlic, organic potatoes, sweet potato, ripe tomatoes, strawberries, apricots and melons. Oyster farmers shouted their merchandise’s qualities. Wine merchants and cheese makers stood side-by-side in aprons and tidy white shirts. The smell of aged cheese kidnapped my senses. If there was a place in Bordeaux for worshiping fresh produce, this was it. There were stalls for nuts, coffee beans, preserves, dried fruit and olive oils. You name it, it was there.' Learn more

Marché des Quais

Every Sunday morning you can find dozens of food stalls lined up on Quai des Chartrons. It's here where you find food trucks offering fresh oysters, fish fruits, vegetables and cheese.  The market is an easy stroll up the river and a good place to spend the morning. Just be warned as it can get overcrowded with tourists. 

Marché Royal in Saint Michel

Every Saturday morning you can discover the huge open-air market Marché Royal. Located at Place Meynard in the Saint Michel district, it's here you can get your hands on cheap clothing, accessories and other ornaments and cheap trinkets. It's also situated close to some very good chic cafés.


'The markets back outside were spread out by the front door and alongside the Basilique. It was a market full of clothes, silks, cotton, dresses, belts, watches and bags. The makeshift roofs over the stalls waved in the breeze and small signs depicting prices were placed over tables.'

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Castelnau & Le marché campagnard de plein air de Léognan

'Food trucks smothered my senses as I entered the market. The street was packed. Everyone in Castelnau and the surrounding countryside must’ve been lining the road, bartering with artisan producers and having a yarn. I manoeuvred through the crowd, noting bakers selling golden crusted breads - Polka, Petit Basque and Pain de Seigle. Rich aromas of cooked dough, almonds and grains beaconed me. I could smell the punts of fresh strawberries loaded to the brim under shade umbrellas. A butcher truck selling fresh cuts broadcasted his produce “Cote d’Agneau! Rable de Lapin! Roti de Porc! Roti de Boeuf!”  Learn more


Montalivet Markets

A cool getaway option is hiking it up to the Le marché campagnard de plein air de Montalivet. Small bars, local produce and one-of-a-kind treasures can be found walking through the rows of stalls. Or you can hire a surfboard and hit the waves before grabbing a coffee at the beachside cafe.