I grew up in and around the historic regions of Henderson, Kumeu, Huapai and Waimauku, West Auckland where the undulating hills were covered in orchards, market gardens and vineyards. My family owned a 8 hectare farm lovingly called 'Eros Gardens' where my entire childhood was spent  frolicking in beds of vegetables, flowers and climbing mature trees in the orchard to pick fruit high up in the branches. My first job in life was working on the farm. Read More





100 Great New Zealand Wineries  - features many of the best vineyards in the country. All New Zealand's main wine-making regions are described, with wineries chosen not only for the quality of the wine produced, but also for their history, cellar-door atmosphere, awards won and the impact the winery has had at home and abroad. Author Douglas Renall has walked the vineyards, searched the cellars and talked with winemakers and vineyard managers to gather fascinating insights about the viticulture methods employed, the oenology practices used and with the people who work long days in the vineyard and equally long nights in the cellar. Often visiting wineries several times, and always with his camera, he has also captured the beauty and seasonal differences of vineyards around the country. 

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"It was the beginning of May and I had a one-way ticket to the beating heart of the world of wine - Bordeaux. A region renowned for its vineyards, chateaux and fine wine. The Médoc lay to the north-west of the city where the great appellations of Margaux, Saint-Julien, Saint Estéphe and Paulliac were found. Pomerol and Saint-Émilion lay to the east and Sauternes was situated to the south. And then there was Bordeaux City itself with its lively restaurant scene and Wine Bars. All this I was heading off to discover. It was a land where I didn't know the language and didn’t know a soul. ..."


Winemaking - In this section you can learn more about Bordeaux the region, discover archived interviews and articles as well as sign up to the wine app Delectable and more

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Farming - The Mission at Open Skies is to create a bio-intensive regenerative market garden and to help play our part in establishing a self-supporting community of small-scale farmers. Connection with the land - To teach our children how to grow food is something we believe is important for the generations to come. Many of us have forgotten our connection to the land, instead relying on big supermarket chains for most of the foods we consume.